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The information that you will need for your rotation consists of the following items that you should pick up from Hiralda on the first day of your rotation.

  1. Attending and Resident Contact List
  2. Clerkship Requirements
  3. DEM policies and procedures
  4. Schedule Policy
  5. Lecture Handouts.
  6. Reading List

The following must be submitted to Hiralda in order to pass the rotation. Please submit all documents at the time of your final exam. If you plan to work additional shifts after the final exam, you must submit your paperwork within 2 days of rotation completion. Delinquent paperwork will result in an Incomplete for the rotation.

  1. Real Time Evaluation Form (to be completed by any EM attending)
  2. Patient Case Log. (Follow-up on at least (4) patients during the clerkship)
  3. Index Case Log
  4. Shift Sign In Form (for your residents to co-sign: to log your shift hours)
  5. Resident Evaluation (for you to evaluate your residents)
  6. Clerkship Evaluation Form (to be completed by you at the end of the rotation).
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