Photo by Suzanne Neubauer
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July 18, 2019

Featuring Dr. Lee Myers, Dr. Kerrigan, Dr. Moore, Dr. Christensen

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July 11, 2019

Featuring Dr. Santillanes, Dr. Feng

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April 11, 2019

Featuring Dr. David Clark, Dr. Joshua Lee

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April 4, 2019

Featuring Molly Hartrich, Dr. Matthew Baluzy and Dr. Chong, Eli Bench, Simone Miller

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March 28, 2019

Featuring Brittany Grzybowski, Neal Moehrle, Alex Lee

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March 21, 2019

Featuring Brittany Tyson, Daniel Eum, Diane Birnbaumer

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March 14, 2019

Featuring Michael Weinstock, Oz Hasbun, Lauren Cutler

February 21, 2019

Featuring Nick Orozco

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February 7, 2019

Featuring Dr. Jan Shoenberger, Dr. Silka, Dr. Jess Osterman, Dr. Elizabeth Burner, Dr. Daniel Klein

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January 24, 2019

Featuring Dr. Brandon, Dr. Mark Zhang, Dr. Brittany Grzybowski, Dr. Shlamovitz, Dr. Kent Okawa

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January 17, 2019

Featuring Dr. Michael Levine, Dr. Ecwin Peck, Dr. McKenzie Halle, Dr. Beversleuis

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January 10, 2019

Featuring Dr. Paquette and Dr. Conforto, Dr. Elizabeth Crow, Dr. Kayla Jagoda, Dr. Michael Perez, Dr. Andrew Herzik

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December 13, 2018

Featuring Dr. Katherine Stiene, Dr. Bob Paquette, Dr. Andrew Grock, Dr. Danielle Wickman

November 29, 2018

Featuring Dr. Angelica Loza-Gomez

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November 15, 2018

Featuring Dr. Michael levine, Dr. Anna Darby

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October 25, 2018

Featuring Dr. Brett Barro, Dr. Samuel Beckerman

October 11, 2018

Featuring Dr. Nicholas Orozco

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September 27, 2018

Featuring Dr. Amy Briggs, Dr. Carlee Carranza, Dr. Nicholas Saade, Dr. Danielle Wickman

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September 20, 2018

Featuring Mariana Martinez, MD, David Diller, MD

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September 13, 2018

Featuring Dr. Bob Paquette, Dr. Brett Lee, Dr. Carlee Carranza, Dr. Tiffany Abramson