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From Our Program Director

Welcome to the LAC+USC Emergency Medicine Residency family. The residency program started in 1971 and has since trained over 800 emergency physicians and leaders, practicing all over the world.  Our graduates receive exceptional clinical training while serving the mission of improving the health and lives of patients in our East Los Angeles community. The 6 major aims of our residency program are as follows:

  1. Provide exemplary clinical training preparing our residents to thrive in any ED environment.
  2. Educate residents utilizing evidence-based, dynamic, and engaging medical education strategies.
  3. Promote a diverse and inclusive residency program that emphasizes a safe and welcome learning environment.
  4. Address our patients’ social determinants by partnering with local community-based organizations to impact positive change.
  5. Provide opportunity for professional development and mentorship throughout the course of a resident’s training.
  6. Foster an environment of wellness, resilience, and positive mental health.

Photos by Scott Kobner

Ramin Tabatabai, MD

Humility, compassion, and a strong work ethic are cornerstones of our resident ethos. At LAC+USC, we strive to recruit residents who are interested in training in our autonomous, high acuity, high volume clinical learning environment and advancing our mission to provide high quality, culturally-competent care for our often marginalized and inspiring patient community.

Ramin Tabatabai, MD

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